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MITR Reader

MITR Reader
Can I run my .NET Application without the .NET Framework?

Q: Can I run my .NET Application without .NET?

A: No you cannot. The .NET Framework must be installed in the Client machine, in order to run.

Q: Why Not?

A: The answer is quite simple really. [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
All the .Net libraries you call within your code are not compiled into
your assembly, and you need these assemblies in the destination
machine, in order for it to run.

A program compiled in C# or VB is not a program in native code, it is a
"pre" compilation in a Intermediate Language (MSIL). When you run this
"program" the .NET Runtime, makes the final compilation to native code
for the platform on which it is executed - this is called Just In Time

Q: Can I run my application which was built with a newer .NET
Framework ( for example .NET 2.0, .NET 3.0, .NET 3.5 ) on a machine
that has a lower .NET Framework ( for example .Net Framework 1.1 )

A: No, you cannot, you will need to install the latest .NET Framework

Q: Which Operating Systems have the .NET Framework installed already?

A: What version of the .NET Framework is included in what version of the OS?

Q: How can I install the particular .NET Framework on the Client Machine ?

A: You can find the Redistributable Packages here

Q: How can I install the .NET Framework along with my Application, at the same time?

A: Deploying the .NET Framework in a setup package

Q: Which .NET Framework will my application use, if multiple .NET Frameworks are present?

A: Because an application was built in a particular version of
the .NET Framework, it will know to use that specific version. For
example, if an application was built with .NET Framework 2.0, it knows
it should use .NET Framework 2.0; if an application was built with .NET
Framework 1.1, it knows it should utilise the .NET Framework 1.1

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ဘာၾကီးေတြလည္း .NET နဲ ့ပတ္သတ္တဲ့ေမးခြန္းနဲ ့အေၿဖေတြနဲ ့တူတယ္...........ဘာပဲၿဖစ္ၿဖစ္ေက်ူးဇူး


MITR Reader

MITR Reader
This is the solution for .NET programmer.

Some of the .net Programmers want to run their program without .Net Framework.

I think Myanmar Programmer also want to know that and they also find the way to run their program without framework.

i just want to tell the way to run the .Net Program.

Thanks for your comment ဘီလူး


MITR Master

MITR Master

ကၽြန္ေတာ္လည္း programming ပိုင္းကိုစိတ္၀င္စားတယ္

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