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The problem: You have documents, photos, music and other important files on the
home computer. How can you “remotely access” these files from your office
computer or, when you are
travelling, from your mobile phone?

The solution: The simplest solution would be that you copy all your data from
the home computer on to a portable hard drive and carry it around but this is
obviously a bit cumbersome approach as it requires you to manually sync the
home computer and your portable disk.

Access Files on your Computer over the Internet

There are couple of ways by which you can
retrieve files stored on your home computer from anywhere else using a regular
Internet connection.

Option 1: Using Online Backup

You can use an
online backup service
like SugarSync, Carbonite, SkyDrive or even Dropbox – they provide desktop utilities that will
automatically upload files on your home computer to the Internet and you can
then access these files through the web browser of any other Internet connected

The upside is
that your files will always be available to you even if the home computer is
not running.
SugarSync and Carbonite have a mobile optimized
website so you can access files from any mobile phone as well.

The downside is
that if you are using any of these services for the first time, you’ll to wait
until they upload all your data to the cloud and this process may take long if
you have too many files on the home computer.

Option 2: Using Desktop Sharing Software

There are free
desktop sharing software like
TeamViewer and UltraVNC that also let you remotely access your computer
files from anywhere else.
LogMeIn Pro and CrossLoop Home are some other good options for transferring files from a remote
computer but these are paid services.

If all your
computers are running Windows, you can use the built-
in remote desktop connection feature of Windows (available in XP and later) to access your home
computer from another Window computer over the Internet.

With Desktop
Sharing software, you’ll always have access to all your files but one big
limitation is that it requires that the remote computer stays on. Also, none of
these options will help you access files on a mobile phone except
LogMeIn which has an iPhone app.

Option 3: Access Files Directly through the Browser

Online backup
services, discussed above, will copy files to their own servers before you can
access them for anywhere else. Screen sharing services are often slow and they
won’t work on most mobile devices. Let’s now explore another set of services
that allow you download files directly from the home computer.

Copernic, like Google Desktop, is
a popular desktop search software that you may use to find emails, documents
and other files on your Windows computer. They have a paid component called
myCopernic on the Go that lets you remotely search for content stored on the home or
office computer. You can preview the search results and then download them to
your mobile phone or remote PC.

With Opera Unite, you can easily turn your computer into a web server and instantly access files and folders on that computer from any
other web browser (including that of mobile phones). Opera Unite is a standard
web server and therefore you’ll be downloading files directly from the computer
– they’re not uploaded anywhere else.

Another option
GBridge that lets you setup a virtual private network using your existing Google Account. Companies use VPNs to let employees access
corporate data over a public network (Internet) and with
GBridge, even home users can
build their own
VPNs to access remote files more securely.

Windows Live
Sync at is another great choice for remotely accessing files over the
Internet. Just install the Live Sync client on your computer and you can then
access the entire hard drive of that computer simply through the Windows Live
Sync website.

Live Sync is available
for both Mac and Windows. The
new version of Live Sync is even better and it has integrated online storage
(Live Mesh) so you’ll be able to access your important file even if the remote
computer is off.

Finally, you may
also want to check out
HomePipe – this is an extremely easy and free service that lets you access
your home files and media from any other computer or mobile phone. Install the
HomePipe Agent and all files on
that computer will instantly become available through the web. They also have
apps for

Android phones.

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Ref:Digital Inspiration Technology Blog

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