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sever exam ေၿဖမည့္သူေတြအတြက္ CompTIA က sever+ sample ေမးခြန္းေတြပါ။အားေပးလိုက္ပါအံုး
CompTIA Server+ Sample Exam Questions

Question 1
(corresponding objective: 1A01)

After a new server was installed, a large number of errors occurred during
in-page operations. The technician noticed that the memory was not correct for
the new server. Which of the following steps did the installing technician
neglect to perform?

A. Verification of virtual memory capacity
B. Verification of the pre-installation plan
C. Confirmation of fast page mode capability
D. Use of single, rather than dual, in-line memory modules

Question 2
(corresponding objective: 1A04)

When following an installation plan, the technician should verify
availability of which of the following?

I. Power source

II. UPS capacity

III. Physical space

IV. Network access

A. I and II only
B. II and III only
C. I, III, and IV only
D. I, II, III, and IV

Question 3
(corresponding objective: 2A01)

A new hardware RAID controller has been installed but is not recognized by
the server BIOS. Which of the following could be done to solve the problem?

I. Update the system firmware.

II. Update the RAID controller firmware.

III. Make the IRQ available.

IV. Install the Network OS driver.

A. I and II only
B. III and IV only
C. I, II, and III only
D. I, II, III, and IV

Question 4
(corresponding objective: 2B01)

After upgrading a server from a software RAID solution to a hardware RAID
solution, the administrator notices a substantial increase in performance.
Which of the following would best explain the increase?

A. Hardware solutions support additional RAID levels for improved performance.
B. Processing is now performed by the controller, resulting in less system CPU
C. The implementation of hardware RAID would not increase performance of the
overall system.
D. The new controller works together with the system CPU, providing improved
hard drive seek time.

Question 5
(corresponding objective: 3C01)

A company's file server currently uses an Ultra SCSI controller and Ultra
SCSI hard disk drives. The server hardware technician is instructed to improve
performance with a new SCSI solution that provides 80 MB/sec transfer rate.
Which type of SCSI solution best meets the requirement?

A. Upgrade the controller and drives to Ultra2 Wide
B. Upgrade the controller to Ultra 160 and the drives to Wide SCSI
C. Use the existing drives and upgrade the controller to Ultra2 Wide
D. Use the existing controller and upgrade the existing drives to Ultra2 Wide

Question 6
(corresponding objective:

A customer is using a DAT drive for data backup. The drive will backup intermittently, usually
stopping towards the end of the backup job. The customer claims to have cleaned
the drive just two days ago, but the problem still exists. What should be the
next step in troubleshooting the backup problem?

A. Ask the customer to replace
the backup tapes.
B. Ask the customer to reload the backup
C. Replace the tape drive with a known good
D. Replace the controller with a known good

Question 7
(corresponding objective:

The file servers regularly download antivirus updates from the vendor's FTP server. The
automatic updates have not occurred on these servers for the last three
updates. Which of the following actions should be taken to isolate this

I. Verify connectivity to the vendor's FTP

II. Ping another server on the network.

III. Check the server logs for errors.

IV. Reboot the server to restart all services.

^^^^A. I and II only
^^^^B. II
and IV only
^^^^C. I, II, and III only
^^^^D. I, II,
III, and IV}

Question 8
(corresponding objective:

While performing a daily review of the system logs, a server manager notices that the latest
error entry in the log indicates that a specific service or function has
stopped operating. What should be the next diagnostic step taken by the server

A. Attempt to
manually restart the service or function.
B. Examine the
log for previous instances of this error.
C. Determine
which enterprise functions are being affected by this
D. Erase the log to make it easier to locate the
next occurrence of this error.

Question 9
(corresponding objective:

A server is required to recover after a single disk failure. Which of the following solutions
will provide the required level of fault tolerance?





A. I and IV only
B. II and III only
I, II, and IV only
D. II, III, and IV only

Question 10
(corresponding objective:

A customer is contemplating creating a two-node cluster with a SCSI shared storage configuration
to provide quick fault recovery. For which of the following failures will this
cluster provide quick fault recovery?

A. One server in the cluster loses
all power.
B. The computer room loses all power for an hour
or more.
C. The shared SCSI storage system for the cluster
loses all power.
D. The shared SCSI storage system for the
cluster loses two disk drives.

sever သမားေတြေက်နပ္ႏိုင္ပါေစေနာ္Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy


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