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CompTIA A+ Depot Tech 220-604:

Question 1

(corresponding objective 1.2)

technician needs to test a power supply but does not have a dedicated
power supply tester. Which of the following tools could be used to test
a power supply's output?

A. Digital multi-meter
B. Loop-back plug
C. RJ-45 crimper
D. CAT5 tester

Question 2
(corresponding objective 1.1)

Which of the following types of disk arrays provide the MOST fault tolerance?

A. Striping
B. Mirroring
C. Extending
D. Spanning

Question 3
(corresponding objective 2.1)

A customer reports that their laptop's screen has suddenly become
dim and barely readable. The video output is correct when the laptop is
hooked up to an external monitor. After verifying that all user
settings are correct, which of the following components should be
replaced FIRST to attempt to repair the problem?

A. Graphics controller
B. Inverter board
C. Video memory
D. Motherboard

Question 4
(corresponding objective 2.2)

A technician is upgrading the memory on a laptop that has a
front-side bus speed of 400MHz. Which of the following memory module
types has the minimum data transfer rate necessary to support this

A. PC2700
B. PC2100
C. PC3200
D. PC1600

Question 5
(corresponding objective 2.1)

Which of the following is the maximum number of devices that may be connected to a single USB port?

A. 4
B. 63
C. 127
D. 511

Question 6
(corresponding objective 3.3)

When a screw is dropped inside a printer during a repair, which of the following tools should be used to retrieve the screw?

A. Chip extractor
B. Vacuum
C. Extension Magnet
D. Long needle-nose pliers

Question 7
(corresponding objective 3.3)

A work order states that a laser printer is not properly affixing
toner to paper. After the paper comes out of the printer, the toner
falls off of the page. The user has changed the toner cartridge twice
with no improvement in print quality. Which of the following is MOST
likely the cause?

A. The imaging drum is not fully discharging.
B. The fuser is malfunctioning.
C. The primary corona wire is receiving no power.
D. The laser scanner is defective.

Question 8
(corresponding objective 5.1)

A technician is working on a laser printer. After printing several
pages to replicate the problem, the technician unplugs the printer and
begins repairs. Which of the following should the technician avoid
touching to keep themselves from being burned?

A. Separation pad
B. Pickup roller
C. Drum
D. Fuser

Question 9
(corresponding objective 5.1)

A technician is about to service a computer. Which of the following steps should they take first?

A. The technician should disconnect the hard drive to avoid file corruption.
B. The technician should open up the case with a properly sized screwdriver to avoid stripping the screws.
C. The technician should move the computer to a carpeted area to avoid impact damage.
D. The technician should put on an anti-static strap to avoid electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage.

Question 10
(corresponding objective 5.1)

When the fan in a power supply fails, which of the following actions should be taken?

A. Replace the fan inside of the power supply.
B. Add an external cooling device.
C. Repair the fan inside of the power supply.
D. Replace the power supply.


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